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Different market segments and sales areas require considerable product adjustments from our customers in order to meet the respective demands and needs. The same applies to our hydraulic controls – we do not supply identical products to different customers. To make this economically feasible, our product range comprises different product series which can be combined and extended.

The wide range of our valve series is divided into the valves’ decisive attributes: their actuation mode and their basic switching. For instance, electroproportional, direct-acting control valves are offered as open centre and closed centre variants. In addition to the electroproportional, direct-acting valves, our product portfolio finds its perfect complement in manually controlled and electric pilot operated designs.

Each valve body is custom-designed for a specific product and predominantly includes the hydraulic scheme of the entire system. The elements of this scheme represent well proven components from our valve series and the respective cavities in the valve body are produced with standard tools. The integrated valve elements can be used in several other applications and, hence, we are able to manufacture them in economically viable batch sizes. Thus, the benefits of series production can also be used when manufacturing customized products.

To save installation space and costs, the valve spools in many of our applications are directly fitted into the bore in the valve body. We mainly use concast for the valve body as it is ideal for hydraulic applications.

Additional installation space can be saved when the mast functions are migrated from the overall circuit diagram into a separate, compact valve, located generally at the mast. This permits smaller vehicle designs and fast expansions to functions.

Hydraulic system safety is ensured by our screw-in line-break monitors. Our low-cost miniature valves prevent the uncontrolled descent of loads, fulfilling thereby the safety requirements under ISO 13849.

Backed by highly automated and modern machinery, innovative production knowhow, qualified and motivated personnel, and perfected quality management, we can assure our customers optimal, permanent quality. Furthermore, each and every one of our end products is subjected to 100% hydraulic testing before it leaves our plant.